AoE3 Community News Update #1


Ladies & gentlemen, Interjection here and welcome to the very first Community News Update! Now that Microsoft have launched their brand new Official Age of Empires Discord Server, every couple of months I’d like to summarize what’s been going on in the community for those who might not know about all the incredible projects that keep this game alive for so many of us! There’s over 6.5k members already – this is really exciting news since when it comes to social media… Discord is hot right now and has the potential to bring more fans together than ever before! This could be Microsoft’s best platform yet for engaging with their community, and I’m excited to see it grow.

What is Discord? Join here!


This July will see the biggest tournament since the 2008 World Cyber Games. The NWC LAN playoffs are now less than 1 month away! 

Escape will fly the top eight players from around the world to their Manchester studio, all expenses paid, to compete for the title of ‘New World Champion’ and $4000 in prizes! We’ve seen some absolutely incredible qualification games so far and there’s plenty more coming! This is your opportunity to watch them LIVE with others in our studio audience. Everyone’s welcome and food & drink will be provided on site. Purchase a ticket here & stay up-to-date with this event on Discord

Watch the NWC LAN Playoffs LIVE! July 11th – 14th on

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EscapeAoE $100 Best of 9 Showmatch: Kickass_OP vs LoOk_

This Sunday (16th), EscapeAoE will pit two top players against each other in a grueling best of 9 series. AoE3’s top players are mostly from Europe… but this Sunday we’re heading to South America to put not just money on the line, but also some pride! Let’s settle this once and for all… who’s the best Brazilian player? LoOk_ or Kickass? Featuring commentary from Interjection & Kaiserklein.

Check out the previous Showmatch here which pits the current #1 & #2 player against each other!

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Last year’s Grand Tour saw a series of weekend tournaments each with a different theme & ruleset – the most popular being The Monociv Cup where players picked a civilization and stuck it out for the duration. With each weekend, players compete to earn points and at the end – the top scorers playoff to determine the winner!

The fun continues with season two, but with all new themes & rules. Last Sunday saw the Underused Cup (which bans the top 5 most played civs) – this spiced up the meta and saw a nailbiting grand final with Mitoe edging out the win – a top player very skilled with basically every single civ in the game!

Join us live on Sunday 23rd for the next installment – The Two Town Tournament! Players will begin the game with their regular starting TC, but will also receive a covered wagon which can immediately be placed anywhere on the map… this should be interesting as there’s a few cards which’ll get a whole lot stronger (colonial militia anyone?). Although I’m not favouring the Portuguese here as their civ bonus gets comparatively weaker 😢

Watch LIVE on the Escape & ESOC Twitch channels who will be providing as much coverage as possible between them.

Underused Cup Details:
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Two Town Tournament Details:
More info coming soon!


Wars of Liberty is a spectacular modding achievements that brings an entirely fresh coat of paint to the AoE3 experience. With over 40 additional civilizations, themed music and 60+ world maps –  it’s a near feature complete mod/expansion with continual updates & multiplayer compatibility over the official AoE3 ESO Servers. There’s even god powers for some civs – exactly like AoM since AoE3 shares the same engine 😉.

This tournament is interesting because it combines ‘average players’ with a deep understanding of the mod and the new civs against top players where that’s not necessarily the case. What wins out – skill or experience?

Find out more about Wars of Liberty – this overview video was uploaded today! 


Interjection’s Smackdown series answers those what-if questions… What if all games start in the colonial age? What if shipments arrived instantly? What if players start with a fort wagon? A factory wagon? Received every shipment twice? 

How would these things change the meta? What civs would be the strongest? And what strategies would be the best? Smackdown takes these ideas and puts them to the test by pitting top players against each other every week for a cash prize crowdfunded by the community. The most recent series sees players beginning the game with a factory! This enables heavy cannons in age 1!? Hilarity ensues…

Smackdown has a long history within the AoE3 community but eventually ended up on Interjection’s YouTube channel where it was casted by him & ZutaZuta. It disappeared for a while but has been brought back recently with the help of EAGLEMUT & Escape who manage the modding, casting and organization. 

Interjection also makes tutorials, tips & tricks and other AoE3 content on his YouTube channel.

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SamuraiRevolution is currently the fastest growing Age of Empires 3 YouTuber! He uploads gameplay, guides, FFAs, and much more! Check out the recent Fast Flash Invitational – an eight man mini tournament with the game speed set to FAST. 

Samurai focuses mostly on community content that ANYONE can get involved with. Join his Discord to get involved! 

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 ESO-COMMUNITY.NET | ESOC PATCH 6.1 RELEASED is the largest AoE3 community-ran fan site & forum on the internet. Their ESOC Patch aims to improve the AoE3 experience whilst remaining true to the game. It brings new maps, enables diplomacy, supplies spectator features, an Elo ladder, countless QoL features, anti-cheat protection, bug fixes and puts the game balance back in the hands of the community! Without ESOC Patch there wouldn’t be competitive AoE3. It is truly an amalgamation of community effort & achievement all packed into a 20mb installer. 

ESOC Patch receives continual improvements. The most recent update focuses on the spectating experience, recs, diplomacy & ‘locked teams’ features and more!

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Checking in with Age of Empires Online: New Civ!? Connectivity issues resolved!

Don’t you mean Age of Empires Offline? Wasn’t it shut down years ago? Well… AoEO was resurrected almost exactly two years ago by the Project Celeste fan team and now has a community larger than Empires Apart, War Party & Bannermen combined. Way more. Check out their Discord 🔥🔥!

AoEO was built on the same engine as AoE3 and plays like a modern RTS. It may not be striving for the same sense of realism as the rest of the franchize but it certainly offers the same depth & feel! Featuring 6 unique civilizations, it’s actually a very fun fast moving AoE experience. There’s TONS of PvE content with more continually being added, as well as competitive ‘gearless’ PvP – which you can now jump into at the touch of a button. Gearless meaning that items now only provides cosmetic benefits in PvP. No more grinding or P2W.

The Celeste Discord & forums is where it’s at for the AoEO community. There, around 20 devs & volunteers are running tournaments, continually balancing the game, creating new quest packs and are even developing a brand new civilization – The Romans! In the most recent update, the team has implemented a connectivity fix – now the vast majority of games will connect without having to tinker with your settings.

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Definitive Editions:

There’s no word yet concerning AoE3 DE. But the official AoE2 DE trailer just dropped at E3 last Sunday. Head over to our Age of Empires 2 News post for more detailed information on AoE2:DE.