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21 July 2019

AoE2: Definitive Edition

Let’s start with some new information about Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. If you aren’t up to date about AoE2:DE yet, I advise you to read the previous article, as I wrote about everything that we knew about AoE2:DE up until then. 

Since then the first three waves of beta invites have been sent. According to Microsoft they want to give everyone who signed up for the beta access, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you definitely should! You can sign up on the official Age of Empires website. 

There was a really extensive article about AoE2:DE in German (here is the translation), which confirmed a lot of the previous information we had on the game, but also had some new information about the game. One of the things we didn’t know yet was if spectators were able to watch the game without taking up a slot like on Userpatch and now we know that spectators will have their separate lobbies where an unlimited amount of spectators can join without taking up a player spot. Some more features of AoE2:DE that we didn’t know yet are:

  • There will be a re-recorded orchestral soundtrack, which includes new pieces as well

  • There will be new path-finding

  • It will use technology from Age of Empires 4, like Relic Link which is an anti-cheat tool, but also allows player profiles

  • The scenario editor is reworked

  • The campaigns have been reworked and now feature expansion civs where they are appropriate

  • When deleting buildings there will be a dialog that asks you to confirm the action, so you can’t accidentally delete your town center anymore

  • Mods from AoE2:HD are portable to AoE2:DE with a tool that will be provided by Forgotten Empires, the developers of AoE2:DE

Then a few days later Forgotten Empires, the studio that is developing AoE2:DE published a video on YouTube. In the video BBQTurkman, the Community Manager of Forgotten Empires, talks about what will be included with the Definitive version of AoE2. He pretty much confirms all the information that the articles already covered. He also says that there will be balance changes to the current civilizations, something that many people already expected once the new civilizations were announced. 

capture age is now compatible with 3v3 & 4v4s 

CaptureAge is a spectating program that revolutionized the spectating possibilities of Age of Empires 2. The program alters some of the standard UI of the game and replaces it with stats and other info about the game, like an improved version of the map. CaptureAge was first shown to the public during Hidden Cup 2 on T90Officials channel and since then there have been a lot of updates to make the tool even better. During the first release it was only optimized to show 1v1s, but later they optimized the tool for 2v2s as well. Now they have gone one step further and changed the tool so that 3v3s and 4v4s are supported as well. 


This new update has most things that were in previous versions of CaptureAge as well, like the option to zoom in or out, an improved minimap, a clear overview of what resources and researches each player have and a breakdown of villagers and military units for each player. This is only a small fraction of the amount of changes the CaptureAge team has made, as they also showed multiple players fog of war and the monk conversion progress. There are many other changes, but the list is too long, so it’s better to just watch for yourselves!



Some of the new changes include a global queue in the top left corner of the screen, where you can see what units are being created by each player and a comparison between the two teams of all the units that are on the map. Currently this tool is only available to a limited amount of streamers/casters, but it will be open to anyone soon, so this tool can replace the standard way of spectating.

europe west stage finished – am and team secret to qualify for the lan

In the Escape Europe West 1v1 stage we saw TheMax and Nicov face up in the Grand Final after they beat Lyx and saymyname (AKA Yellow) respectively. Nicov managed to beat TheMax with a convincing 3-0 score and won the prize pool of $1008. He also gained 6 points for his team and with MbL getting 1 point, while Team Secret only gained 1 point, Aftermath was only 4 points behind Team Secret.

This meant that, if Aftermath wanted, they could get first place in the entire ECL Standings if they got first place in the Europe West 3v3 stage. However, it was not meant to be, as they faced off in the first round against the Chinese team SY and got beaten 2-0. This meant that Team Secret got first place in the standings. That didn’t stop them from winning this tournament either though, as they got in the second round due to an Admin Win, but went on to beat SY and Suomi with 3-1 scorelines.

If you wish to see the final and overall standings for ECL you can visit the Escape website here

mangrove shallows cup group stage ends – playoffs on the way

As the name implies, Mangrove Shallows Cup is a tournament where the maps all use the Mangrove Shallows terrain, it’s a terrain where both land units and ships can move without restrictions. We have now reached the end of the Group Stage of this tournament. In the first week there were a few upsets, like the number 1 seed TheViper losing to the number 16 seed Villese and MbL losing 3-1 to the Chinese player Tim. After losing to Tim, MbL made a video complaining about the strength of demolition ships on the maps used in this tournament. He claims that demos are too powerful, they are able to stop a push immediately and that they can stall for way too long. Memb, the organizer of this tournament, later decided to make some adjustments to the speed and the damage from the demos.


Why MbL “Loves” Demos | The Nerf Discussion


Along with the nerf on demolition ships there was also a removal of the map Bog Forest, which was a hybrid map of Black Forest with the Mangrove Shallows terrain. The map gave a lot of unfair map generations, where one player had more resources on his side of the passing in the middle. So after the first round the balance was slightly adjusted with the demo ship nerfs and the map Bog Forest was removed from the map pool. At the end of the third round of the group stage TaToH and Liereyy qualified as highest seeds, followed in the next week by Villese, TheViper and Hera. In the last week Mr_Yo managed to beat ACCM, Nicov beat Vivi and DauT was victorious against BacT to finalize the top 8. In the following weeks these final 8 players will play for the total prizepool of $10,800


Summer nomad showdown finalizes – tatoh claims victory 

Summer Nomad Showdown is not a tournament that is just played on the map Nomad, but on different maps that all start without a Town Center. This leads to situations where opponents are very close to each other or sometimes have a limited amount of resources close to their base. In this tournament we saw a big upset in the second round, where Hera managed to beat TheViper 3-1. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t make it to the finals as he lost 4-3 in a close series to Mr_Yo. Facing Mr_Yo in the finals was TaToH, who managed to beat the Chinese player 5-2 and takes away the first place in this tournament.




The Two Pools Tournament is a 2v2 tournament where the teams have to draft half of the civs for themselves and the other half of the civs for their opponent. This results in two civilization pools for each team and they have to use one civ from each pool in every game. For this tournament the four best teams of the previous 2v2 tournament, Doubles Ages, were invited and 4 other teams are able to qualify through a group stage. The four invited teams are: DauT and slam, Liereyy and Hearttt, ACCM and saymyname and the Secret trio of TheViper, TaToH and JorDan_23. There are 2 groups of 4 teams out of which 2 teams of each group will advance. In the first group Mr Yo and Tim managed to barely secure first place because they won 1 more game than F1Re and Goku, who secured second place. Miguel, dogao and LaaaaaN barely missed the next stage, they just won 1 game less than F1Re and Goku, despite winning 3-1 versus them..

Group A Brackets

In the other group MbL, Nicov and Hera are already qualified, as they won all 3 of their series. BacT and CooL still had to play Lyx and Vivi for the other spot in the main event, but unfortunately they couldn’t show up and had to give an Admin Win to the Chinese team.

Group B Brackets

Gbeto Cup is a tournament that is restricted to female players. There were 25 players that signed up and got to play. We have now reached the Grand Finals of this event and they will be played on Sunday 21st of July. In the Grand Final we will see the first and second seed play against each other: Gabi vs Ofelia. Gabi managed to win against Mica 3-1, while Ofelia managed to beat streamer ashleylynn 3-2.


Author: nimanoe